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  • No proprietary blends
  • No reported side effects
  • Have to swallow 6 capsules a day – very inconvenient
  • Not an effective T booster – more a libido booster
  • Needs to use more ingredients of effective components

Review Overview

Over the last few years there has been an eruption in natural testosterone boosters to counteract the increasing awareness of the issue of “low t”. These supplements are made out of natural ingredients with the idea to help encourage the body to produce more testosterone naturally by calling upon a range of natural ingredients.Alpha-JYM-Review

This has been increasingly prevalent in the bodybuilding market, who have been using their experience in creating performance supplements to better causes in helping out with the problem of low t.

We’ve already seen what some of these products from this area of the market can do, as we have been pleasantly surprised in the past by such testosterone boosters like ‘TestoFuel’ in which our review gave it a glowing recommendation.

And now we have moved on to Alpha JYM, a similar supplement which claims “Alpha JYM is best for males in their mid-30s or older who know (via blood or saliva testing) they have declining testosterone levels or feel that they have some of the symptoms of low testosterone.” Which is exactly what we want to hear – we’ll examine it later and show you how well it measures up to this statement.

What does Alpha JYM do?

Alpha JYM is a bodybuilding supplement which uses all natural ingredients in a bid to encourage the body to start producing more testosterone naturally. In a nutshell, Alpha JYM claims to do this in 5 ways:

  • Production – Helps the testosterone levels rise in both the brain and testes
  • Inhibition – Suppresses enzymes which convert testosterone into estrogen
  • Protection – Prevents oxidative damage to testosterone-producers
  • Freedom – Increases the amount of free testosterone in the body
  • Sequestering – Stops testosterone excretion

Well, it all sounds very technical and promising, but so far this all been nothing but talk. Although we do know of quite a few ingredients which can accomplish these goals, it’s on Alpha JYM to select them so we can recommend this product with a clear conscious. We’ll have to dig a little further if we want to see what this product can really do.

Although Alpha JYM has it’s merits, it’s not the best T-Booster we’ve seen. For the best you can get on the market, check out our Top Rated Testosterone Boosters over here.

How does Alpha JYM work?

alpha-jym-ingredientsI love it when a product refuses to use proprietary blends, it really lets you know what you’re getting into and how safe/dangerous the results can be. The transparency over the dosages is a great sign from Alpha JYM and is well and truly appreciated.

Fenugreek – One of the most potent natural libido enhancers. By regulating the blood sugars in the body, fenugreek combats the all important problem of insulin resistance which in turn creates more room for free testosterone by diminishing the production of the sex hormone globulin. This creates a steady boost for the sex drive and libido and helps out with that T count.

Damiana – Most commonly used as tea in central America in areas like Mexico. It is known to possess some aphrodisiac qualities. However, there aren’t a lot of tests that have been performed on Damiana and the effects it has on testosterone, in fact the only real test that has been carried out was on rats – and it wasn’t promising. For obvious reasons, this ingredient isn’t in our top list, so I’ll leave the study proving this in the link here.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) – A molecule that is usually found in vegetables like broccoli, there is through that this may have anti-cancer qualities and an effective aromatase inhibitor (meaning it could suppress estrogen) – however there is not enough concrete evidence to have proof of this yet.

Ashwagandha Root Extract – A herb found mainly in India, it is predominately used as a stress reliever, and it’s actually pretty effective. The stress hormone cortisol is a big blocker when it comes to testosterone so anything that can diminish those levels would be good for a T count. In infertile men, Ashwagandha was seen to boost their T-levels by a jaw-dropping 40% after 3 months. It may be worth reading the study here. However, I don’t know how well that will apply in this scenario as those men were given 5 grams of the herb, and in Alpha JYM the dosage is only 1g in total a day.

Eurycoma Longifolia Root – Also known as LongJack, this agent has not be proven in anyway to boost testosterone. But that does not by any means go to say that it is redundant in this product as LongJack has been seen to have quite large clinical support for its uses as an anti-estrogen and pro-erectile component. This product is looking more and more like a libido buster than a testosterone booster.

Quercetin – Mostly found in onions and red win. Quercetin is good for releasing nitric oxide into the body which is fantastic for raising blood flow and helping with any circulatory issues. However it needs similar compounds to encourage it do these duties. And there aren’t a lot of them in Alpha JYM. Their stay here might be a touch redundant.

So at the moment Alpha JYM is looking a bit hit and miss, but if any of these ingredients or what they do confused you, don’t worry, we go into much more detail over on the ingredients page:

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-Complete with clinical studies and their functions against Low T-

Okay, so how do I take it?

In a rather overwhelming dosage, Alpha JYM requires around 6 capsules a day, 3 in the morning and 3 at night. It’s an awful lot of swallowing and could get quite annoying. However, it should be enough to keep those T levels elevated, as there are strong enough dosages going in more than once a day.

Is it dangerous, are there side effects?

When taking Alpha JYM we didn’t notice a lot of side effects. However that doesn’t mean that they aren’t possible, head over here to see some of the potential side effects with natural testosterone boosters.

Although, we also thought when weighing up some of the ingredients Alpha JYM used that it would be hard to experience any side effects, as it would be difficult enough to experience any effects for it in in general. Apart from the boost in libido, there’s not much this product does in the grand scheme of raising testosterone levels. You would be wise to spend your money elsewhere.

Is there anything better out there?

Yes sir-ee, Bob! There are quite a few supplements that could go toe-to-toe with Alpha JYM and come out victorious. That’s not to say that Alpha JYM is that bad of a product. It just lacks a lot of the good stuff that most users need to fully combat the aromatase in the body, because that will have a say in your testosterone levels – how much of it will be converted into estrogen.

We’ve made a brief list of some of the best ones out there on the market:

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Alpha JYM Review Conclusion

We’ve had a real roller coaster of a journey with the Alpha JYM testosterone booster. It’s got such a good company ethos, but just not a great company ingredient list. We really wanted to like this product more, it just didn’t deliver in all the ways we hope. That said, we respect JYM supplements as a brand.

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