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What does TestoFuel do?

Now when we saw TestoFuel for the first time it threw us. We assumed this was something aimed towards the younger guys looking to get their strength up in the gym. In a way we were partly right, we were also partly wrong.

There have been a lot of positive Testofuel Reviews around so we had no choice but to put it to the test.

On their website Testofuel has been said to:1boxleftlarge_f_improf_500x436 (1)

  • Increase Real Muscle Growth
  • Raise Strength Levels
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Improve Mood
  • Enhances Libido

Those are it’s main features, and we definitely believe there’s some truth to it.

However we found that Testofuel there’s more to it than meets the eye, I found it also gave me a massive increase in energy, and I’m pretty sure that’s down to the rise in my T levels.

Our Findings:


Positives Negatives
  • Quality ingredients used appropriately
  • No Proprietary Blends
  • Safe to use
  • Money back guarantee
  • Lot of positive TestoFuel reviews
  • Requires an active lifestyle
  • 4 capsules a day – effective but demanding
  • Can only be bought from the TestoFuel site
  • Not suitable for vegetarians

Review Overview

So what convinced us to review a T Booster aimed at young bucks lifting weights? Well, in a nutshell this product:

  • It contains most of our favorite ingredients for fighting Low T
  • Has overwhelming positive reviews on the internet
  • It is a 100% safe and natural product
  • It helps boost energy, muscle mass and strength

TestoFuel is not only a bodybuilding supplement, but it also an effective all natural testosterone booster that you can also take advantage of.

The key ingredients that we look for in cures for low T all seem to be there, with main front running ingredients like: D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin D3 along with it’s supporter Vitamin K2 – we had to review this baby.

It’s an all natural product too, so we know we aren’t going to get any bad side effects.

So let’s see what the ingredients are like:

How does TestoFuel work?

Good question. We’re putting these benefits down to the astute choice of ingredients from the guys at Roar Ambition, they appear to really know their onions when putting together a Testosterone Booster.

We had a look at their ingredients and were very pleasantly surprised by their mix of powerful and effective ingredients:


Gotta love that lack of proprietary blends. You know exactly what you’re getting, and how much of it. Here are some of our favorites and how they help Testosterone:

Vitamin D3

One of the main components needed for soaring testosterone levels.

We mainly get this vitamin naturally from sunlight, however most us don’t get enough of it. This boils down to the usual 9 – 5 of office life, trapped in a room with no real way to step outside and let your manhood flourish. Vitamin D helps with semen quality and sperm count. Along with a whole host of other manly traits.

It’s a great testosterone booster, but also helps cognitive function, immune systems and bone density. It’s works best when complemented with Vitamin K2.


One of the main hormones responsible for our testosterone levels is the Luteinzing hormone.

However, to release them and allow for more testosterone production, the body needs zinc to complete the process. A disgusting fact here is that 5mg of Zinc can be lost in each ejaculation, gruesome I know but it’s an effective illustration of how important this ingredient is to our T Levels.

D-Aspartic Acid

Another solid component for testosterone production. Just like Zinc, DAA helps with the release of those Luteinzing hormones we need to produce more testosterone.

However, DAA doesn’t stop there. Not only does it release these testosterone producing hormones, it releases growth hormone and hair follicle stimulating hormones throughout the body.

This is a must have in any testosterone booster, it even removes the rate-limiters of testosterone in the body and helps build up the testes. We’re very pleased to see this in TestoFuel.

Asian Red Panax Ginseng

This wonder is an effective component when dealing with erectile dysfunction. How? Ginseng has been clinically proven to increase Nitric Oxcide in the body, in doing so it allows to enjoy a stronger circulatory system which helps with ‘pumps’ in the gym

It’s also been seen to work well as a pro-erectile.

Oyster Extract

Oyster Extract is remarkable for testosterone. It contains 10x the amount of zinc that you find in red meats and over 59 different trace elements like vitamins, amino acids, taurine (for energy), omega 3 and 6 fish oils along with copper and manganese which will support the zinc.

In other studies, Oyster Extract has been seen to raise IQ, help liver function and deliver strength gains, with some immunity benefits to boot.

If you’d like to know more about TestoFuels ingredients the company has done a full write up on their website – http://www.testofuel.com/ingredients/

Honorable Mentions

  • Magnesium – Reduces Sex Hormone Binding Globulin, promoting free testosterone
  • Fenugreek – Another solid free testosterone promoter and lowers insulin levels
  • Vitamin B6 

A lot the components of TestoFuel overlap with our list of Top Testosterone Ingredients, if you’re unsure about any of them we’ve got a link below to take you to our page with each ingredient, complete with studies that prove their effectiveness.

Click Here for Our Top Choices for T Booster Ingredients!

-Complete with clinical studies and their functions against Low T-

Okay, so how do I take it?

TestoFuel comes in capsule form, which makes it really easy. It requires 4 servings a day, each consisting of a single capsule. We recommend taking it: Breakfast, Lunch, Mid-Afternoon and Dinner.

This is great to keep the effects of the product consistent, supporting your testosterone levels through every step of their new rise.

Each bottle comes with a full month’s supply of 120 capsules.

Is it dangerous, are there side effects?

You should not take this product if you are a vegetarian, unfortunately we all know the Oyster Extract will be a big problem for the veggies out there.

Aside from that one ethical issue for vegetarians. We didn’t experience any side effects and from the TestoFuel Reviews we’ve read, it seems completely safe, and uses all natural ingredients.

What others are saying about TestoFuel

We checked Bodybuilding forums and other Testosterone boosting websites and saw nothing but rave reviews about TestoFuel’s effectiveness and muscle growth.

The most compelling one we’ve found is from Kashif Ali in the UK. He’s had some great benefits from taking it, and has some insight over on what most guys go through when they buy a Testosterone Booster:


Our Experience

For our review of TestoFuel we bought the 3 Month Package which came with 3 Boxes of TestoFuel + 1 FREE Box + FREE Shipping + 1 FREE T-Shirt & Muscle Building eBooks.

The 3 Month Package also came with a 90 DAY GUARANTEE:testo-ltt1You can still find that offer here.

Month 1: More Motivation

By the end of the first couple of weeks with TestoFuel the main thing I noticed was more motivation to go the gym.

There was a noticeable increase in my energy levels and I wanted to do something positive with it. It’s clear why the website recommends regular exercise with this product – it’s best way to channel it!

I also had more focus and felt I could get a lot more done with my time and generally felt less fatigued.

Month 2: Trimming Down

With the additional energy, and the hormonal lift. I found myself losing a few pounds a week. My waist was leaning out, and my upper body was becoming more sculpted.

I put this down to a combination of TestoFuel and the additional exercise I have been doing. There was a bump up in my sex drive as well.

Month 3: Gaining Muscle

After 3 months of taking TestoFuel I noticed a clear increase in my muscle mass, body fat, mood, energy and sex drive.

I can clearly tell that there’s been an increase in my testosterone levels, and I feel a lot more like I did in my early 20s, and got back a lot of that ‘go-getter’ energy.

I’m still working my way through the forth box that came with the deal, but I highly suggest you go with the three month package. The 90 day guarantee is the best way to avoid any disappointment.

TestoFuel Review Conclusion

In short TestoFuel is a great product. According to our research it uses some of the best testosterone boosting ingredients on the market. Things like Oyster Extract, D-Aspartic Acid and Zinc, were just some of the nutrients that really caught our eye.

All the nutrients in the product are effectively dosed, and the servings suggestions are definitely what we’re looking for 4 capsules spread out throughout the day.

The shipping’s pretty convenient as well, TestoFuel is ‘fast-shipped’ from the UK and USA.

However, you should note that TestoFuel is aimed a lot more towards bodybuilder than it is guys with low T. This product will help raise testosterone but it primarily more concerned with muscle growth, so it contains little aromatase inhibitors (estrogen suppressants). That said it is still a solid product.

Their Website  – www.TestoFuel.com –

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