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  • Good for raising libido
  • Consistent dosing, 3 a day is optimum and convenient with meals
  • No reported side effects
  • No credible studies on the effectiveness of maca root
  • Only good for raising libido – no effect on T levels
  • Not incredibly effective overall

Review Overview – Is MacaActive a Good Testosterone Booster?

A little different from what we usually review, but my no means irrelevant. We’ve been asked to put together a piece of MacaActive, which appears to be more a male enhancement supplement rather than testosterone booster, but from what we’ve been hearing men have been using it as the latter.MacaActiveew

If this is you, listen up.

If you are looking for something to boost your T levels and have decided on MacaActive we have some bad news for you.

This will not boost your T levels. You can read about that more in an in depth study here.

However, if you are considering this pill as a male enhancer we may have a different answer for you, although you should consider why you need this product.

Does your libido feel lower than usual?

Are you feeling fatigued?

Are you struggling to maintain focus and feeling unusually moody?

You may be suffering from Low T levels. And this a problem a lot of men face but don’t like to talk about. We’ve got a full list of symptoms and statistics over on the homepage. You access all our data here.

Now, on with the review.

What does MacaActive do?

According to their website, MacaActive is a completely natural supplement that consists mostly of extracts from the Maca plant itself (Lepidium Meyenii). It is a known Peruvian aphrodisiac and known to help out with low libidos.

On the MacaActive website, this product is claimed to:

  • Balance out Hormone Levels
  • Promote Sexual Performance
  • Relieves Menopause Symptoms
  • Increases Energy and Vitality
  • Improves Fertility
  • Strengthen Immune system

We can’t speak for the most part on most of those features as we only understand MacaActive to be a libido booster and nothing more.

If there are a few raised eyebrows at the Menopause feature, this product is also recommended to women as it apparently regulates all hormones regardless of sex.

How does MacaActive Work?

This is the most important question, and usually when we look to the ingredients of the product, although this time we ran into some trouble. There are no real details. The only thing we can find about MacaActive is that it contains Maca, which looking at the study we linked to above, has no real impact on hormone levels.

In this instance we can only focus on it’s use for libido, however this could be heavily linked to low testosterone.

As a variety of Ginseng – Maca can be linked to studies which shows it has an effect on the NO levels in the body, which can help with circulation and blood flow. This is great for improving erections and libido. It actually helped a lot of men in this study perform much more effective penetration during sex.

Aside from that there’s not much else we can say about the product in terms of it’s ingredients and the effect it has on the body. We suggest if you’re looking for something to raise testosterone levels to check out our list of ‘must have ingredients’ to really feel the benefits of a higher T count.

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Okay, so how do I take it?

MacaActive’s recommended dosage is 3 tablets a day, each with a meal with the libido inducing effects happening within about a week of the first dose.

This is actually a great call from Koech Corp as this should keep you NO levels topped up and maintained and will greater benefit your chances of sexual enhancement.

Is it dangerous, are there any side effects?

That’s the thing. There aren’t any studies that have been put into MacaActive specifically to see if there any problems with the supplement. The Maca inside it is safe, but we don’t know about the other ingredients, however if Maca is the dominating force here. You shouldn’t have a problem with it.

Is there anything better out there?

If you’re looking to boost your testosterone levels there are lots of great products out there that contain much better quality ginseng and other top ingredients that will really boost your T levels and suppress estrogen production. All natural and effective.

This product in particular will only help your libido, but do you really want to settle for less?

We’ve prepared a list of our current T-Boosting favorites here:

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MacaActive Review Conclusion

If you’re looking specifically for a male enhancer, you could go ahead and give MacaActive a try. It won’t blow your hair back, but it won’t hurt you either. Plus these guys do a pretty solid satisfaction guarantee in case it doesn’t work out.

However, there are far better products out there on the market. If you’re looking for something that can enhance your libido and a whole host of other great benefits to your testosterone levels, you should really look up our top list of natural testosterone boosters. They can really make a difference to any problems you may be experiencing that comes with Low T.

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