Testosterone Up Review

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Our Findings:


Positives Negatives
  • Uses Zinc, Pumpkin Seed and Ginseng – Good ingredients
  • Is effectively dosed (3 pills throughout the day)
  • A lot of the ingredients don’t boost T levels
  • Only get 20 days worth of pills per purchase

Review Overview

At the relatively cheap price of $29.99 on Bodybuilding.com (or $44.99 on GNC), Irwin Naturals ‘Testosterone Up’ has been brought to our attention by concerned readers who can’t find any reviews of the product online.

To answer these cries of uncertainty – we have put together a comprehensive review of ‘Testosterone Up’ to make sure that it’s a worthy testosterone booster. This applies to both price, and effectiveness.

TestosteroneUPNDWhat does Testosterone Up do?

We found hidden away in the marketing that ‘Testosterone Up’ is a T-Booster designed to ‘boost testosterone levels already within a normal range’.

With phrases like that, we can see why people are concerned. This product has the clear look of a T-Booster aimed at guys with lower T levels – but then only claims to work with ‘levels within the normal range’.

It’s also claims to be a libido enhancer. However, if the testosterone levels are in the normal range it would be rare to have a low libido.

‘Testosterone Up’ uses liquid Soft-Gel capsules which are easier to swallow, and far easier to take.

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How does Testosterone Up work?

Testosterone Up contains quite a few T-Boosting ingredients – whether they’re effective though is another question.

This is the run-down of Testosterone Up’s nutrient profile (this is a daily serving size):

irwin naturals

Zinc – This mineral is really useful for boosting testosterone. Needed for releasing luteinizing hormones in the brain (precursor to growth hormone and testosterone) Zinc can help the body produce more testosterone. It can also raise serum testosterone.

Copper – This is usually included in T-Boosters that use a lot of zinc. Too much zinc in the body can wash out the body’s supply of copper. It’s a good sign that Irwin Naturals were aware of this problem.

MCT Oil – An oil of medium fatty chain acids. It is essentially an artificial coconut oil. Because of it’s structure MCT, when processed by the liver, it is instantly burned as energy and gives the body a boost in energy. This does not help boost testosterone.

Pumpkin Seed Oil – This is mainly because pumpkins are rich in zinc and magnesium, it should help towards producing testosterone and allow more free testosterone. Pumpkin Seed will also provide essential vitamins as well.

Plant Sterols – The main focus here is the beta sitosterol. This is usually found in things like stinging nettle and is known to be an effective aromatase inhibitor (estrogen suppresant).

Asian Ginseng Extract – An effective libido enhancer and a good testosterone booster. The ginseng helps release nitric oxide in the body which aids blood flow, this can help with erectile dysfunction and general circulation problems. Ginseng has also been seen to reduce blood glucose, which indirectly raises testosterone by lowering insulin (a major cause of low testosterone)

Tongkat Ali (Longjack) – Longjack has no effect on testosterone but has quite an impact on libido. It’s a form of Maca and is a pro-erectile agent. It has been thought to suppress estrogen but there has been no evidence found in current studies.

Chrysin – This nutrient actually can raise testosterone… but only when injected directly into the testicles. This is the only study that has been proven to boost testosterone, in all others the bioflavonoid has fallen short.

Gamma Oryzanol – This is a mixture of compounds in Rice Bran Oil. Unfortunately after rigorous testing, this product has not shown to increase testosterone. It does however show some promise to help skin health and lower cholesterol, but these claims are unproven.

This was a real mixed bag of good and ineffective ingredients. If you’re wondering about the BioPerine it’s just for absorption purposes. Unfortunately it’s not looking good for Testosterone Up, however if you’d like to educate yourself further on what ingredients to look for in a testosterone booster – see the top proven ones in the link below.

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Okay, so how do I take it?

Unlike some of the testosterone boosters we’ve had on this site, Testosterone Up actually isn’t that bad. The serving requirements are 3 times a day, a capsule with every meal.

We believe to get the most out of a testosterone booster you should be taking it around 3-4 times a day for around 12 weeks. So it’s good that Irwin Naturals like to keep it consistent.

t-up2Is it dangerous, are there side effects?

Although proven to not boost testosterone, Gamma Oryzanol has been known to still interfere with the thyroid. Forced to by the state of California: the company warn that this product contains a chemical known to cause birth defects and other reproductive harm.

The admittance of this is actually a very terrifying prospect and we were shocked when we read it.

Whatever chemical they’re using which is causing this needs to be changed immediately as reproductive harm is the last thing you want to read on a T booster!

Is there anything better out there?


There are far better testosterone boosters on the market that promote:

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  4. Sex Drive
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  6. Mood

And all the other added benefits that come with higher testosterone levels – and we’ve narrowed it down to only a few products.

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Testosterone Up Review Conclusion

The ingredients in Testosterone Up are pretty hit and miss. Some are great T-Boosters, others are just libido boosters or ineffective altogether. It is well dosed, but the side effects of birth defects and reproductive harm overshadows this entire conclusion.

Why would anyone want to risk taking this product?

We recommend you stay far away from Testosterone Up – especially when it comes with disclaimers like that on the bottle.

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