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  • Contains some good ingredients
  • Should be safe to take
  • Not enough ingredients to make a difference
  • One capsule a day is not enough
  • Not a strong enough dose

Review Overview

Testoril is a natural testosterone booster on the market aimed at specifically at older men suffering from low T.

Sounds like a promising product right?testoril1

Quite a few T boosters on the market are usually aimed at bodybuilders or as a workout aid, so it’s always refreshing to see one of these pop up every now and again. Especially to low T sufferers. Although we’ve heard mixed reviews about the actual effects of the product.

That said it has been endorsed by the unfortunately named Brian Gay, a professional golfer. Whether he actually uses the product however is another story.

What does Testoril do?

Without sticking to any flash marketing of any kind, Testoril simply states the facts on its website with the promise of:

  • Increased Sex Drive
  • More Energy
  • Increase Of Muscle Tone

Often we see testosterone boosters adding a lot more to this list, such as mood enhancement, cognitive improvements, blood sugar regulation – however that doesn’t necessarily mean that Testoril cannot do this. It just doesn’t state it on their website.

As they say ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and we can get the bigger picture of Testoril once we have examined it’s ingredients.

How does Testoril work?

Testoril is a bit of a strange one in the Testosterone Boosting world and uses primarily an ingredient known as Testofen. This is taken from fenugreek seeds and has been seen to raise free testosterone levels in males to an extent.

This is coupled with a complex of saponins that are used to inspire more male hormonal growth, these are some pretty basic ingredients and to some extent a standard to most testosterone boosters:

Vitamin B6 – Working with the C2 hormonal pathways in the body, vitamin B6 has been seen to decrease gene activity of estrogen after it has binded to a receptor and suppresses it from promoting itself throughout the body.

Magnesium – Most of the testosterone in males in bound to the sex hormone globulin. While bound, the testosterone is not directly available and reflects negatively on our T count. Magnesium stops this by reducing the globulin count in the body which limits the amount of free testosterone to be bound. The result is more free testosterone in the body, and you can really feel the difference.

Zinc – Necessary to the release of testosterone in body by helping the main hormone behind the production process – the luteinzing process. With it, more free testosterone can be released into the body and T levels can rise.

And that’s it. A fenugreek derivative, B6, magnesium and zinc. We’ve gotta say they’re all good ingredients but are there enough of them? And are they missing out any essentials?

We seem to think so.

Where’s the D-Aspartic Acid? The Luteolin? Vitamin D3?

There’s so many missing pieces to this puzzle which has damaged the effectiveness of the product. Which is a shame really.

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Okay, so how do I take it?

Testoril is advised to be taken along with the morning routine vitamins. Just one serving a day in the morning. We also don’t think this enough and believe that serious testosterone boosters should be taken multiple times a day to keep T levels elevated with a consistent supply of the goodness they need.

Is it dangerous, are there any side effects?

From what we’ve seen, it’s actually quite the opposite. Testoril is something that we’ve yet to see side effects from, that said when we first got it we didn’t think we’d have any problems. It’s got some good safe ingredients in this product. You’d have to be hitting it hard to go wrong with this one.

We say quite the opposite though as one of our guys who is still taking it is yet to feel any of the effects. We strongly feel it needs a lot more ingredients if it’s really going to make a difference to your hormone levels.

Is there anything better out there?

We seem to think there is. Quite a few products actually that are a lot stronger, but just as safe as Testoril are out on the market at the moment. We’ve got nothing personal against Testoril, and it may work for some guys but we know there are products out there that work for a lot more a HELL of a lot more effectively.

Rather than name names we’re just going to leave a link to a list of favorites below this section, as it may not be the same at the time you read this article.

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Testoril Review Conclusion

Don’t get us wrong. Testoril has great ingredients. It’s the fact that they didn’t expand on that profile that really let them down.

For the moment we are going to say, if you really have your heart set on Testoril it’s not going to kill you. Who knows it might work. They’ve got a money back guarantee too… so it may be worth a try. Just be aware that there are far better T boosters out there that you will really feel the difference with. Just have a click around our site before you make any decisions.

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