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As a well known producer of Testosterone Boosters on the market, High T Senior + Beta Prostate acted as another addition to the company’s growing range.hitsen

This product in particular differs it’s predecessor with added beta-sitosterol, apparently formulated to specifically benefit the prostate. We know that beta-sitosterol is great for boosting testosterone levels and decreasing estrogen, so we were very curious to see how it would get on.

That was until we saw the reviews of this product.

Yes unfortunately High T Senior + has not done that well for public opinion as many consumers of the product have complained of the testosterone booster having no effect, very little effect or diarrhea. This is what drew us to review High T in the first place, when we were researching we had heard it contained vital ingredients to the testosterone boosting process, and the fact that it had specialized to deal with the prostate definitely had us intrigued. We needed to know more. And unfortunately that didn’t turn out to be a great idea.


What does High T Senior + Beta Prostate do?

High T senior is an all natural testosterone booster and supplement designed to raise T levels and promote prostate wellness. According to their website, this version of High T is capable of improving:

  • Testosterone levels
  • Sexual drive and libido
  • Strength and stamina
  • Energy and vitality
  • Muscle mass
  • Prostate wellness
  • Urinary function

However, from what we’ve experienced and researched. We doubt a fair chunk of that to be the case. We’ll explain in the next section.


How does High T Senior + Beta Prostate work?

A better one would be: how does it sell? Considering some of the stiff competition these products have to face on the market, it’s rather surprising High T Senior is still out there boosting testosterone… or not boosting in this case. That said it’s not a completely hopeless product, some of the ingredients in this one are pretty on the mark, it’s some of the other ingredients and dosages for that fact, that really let it down.

We’ll show you:

Senior-Supp-Facts-for-websitesVitamin D3 – This is one of the main ingredients needed to boost our testosterone. We take most of the vitamin from the sunlight, however, due to modern living it is hard to get enough of it. With enough Vitamin D, more Leuteinzing hormones can be released allowing more free testosterone to flow through the body. It’s a great ingredient, although there should have been more of it put in.

Vitamin E – Weirdly, vitamin E has been seen to decrease testosterone levels, while also decreasing estrogen levels as well. We’re thinking this is linked to ‘Prostate Wellness’ side of the argument, because otherwise the inclusion of this ingredient is just bizarre.

Vitamin B6 – Valuable to suppressing estrogen in the body. Vitamin B6 works with the C2 pathway in the body which estrogen uses and then decreases their gene activity after they bound to receptor. Thus suppressing the estrogen, allowing testosterone to take more dominance.

Vitamin B12 – This technically helps the promotion of testosterone in the body, Vitamin B12 promotes the use of fat cells as energy and in doing so lowers some estrogen in the process. It’s also good for an energy boost, but we don’t believe 8% is enough to make a real difference in the grand scheme of things.

Iodine – Thought to remove toxins from the body and decrease accumulation of excess fat. This could help with lowering estrogen levels.

Zinc – A key ingredient to the testosterone releasing process. Working with the luteinzing hormone which raises T levels, zinc allows more free flowing testosterone throughout the body.

Copper – Consuming large amounts of Zinc depletes copper from the body and vice-versa, mainly responsible for the production of red blood cells. We think the main reason this ingredient was included was to counteract the Zinc.

Selenium – Commonly found in Brazil Nuts, this ingredient has been linked to increasing testosterone in men and supports thyroid regulation.

Manganese – Can be used for energy production and bone formation. Has been seen to influence hormone levels in birds, there are few available studies about human testing.

Chromium – Has been very loosely based to an increase in muscle mass, however there is not a lot of testing for this in humans.

Molybdenum – Has been thought to improve erectile dysfunction, however, according to a few studies, Molybdenum has actually been seen to lower testosterone in some cases.

High T Senior Blend – A proprietary blend that we have no way of establishing the values for the dosages of each ingredient. After analyzing all the ingredients of this blend, we found only three components that were clinically proven to raise testosterone and those were Boron, Nettle (although the Beta-Sitosterol was far too low to make a real difference) and Fenugreek.

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Okay, so how do I take it?

High T is suggest to be taken 3 times a day with water. It also is suggested to be used over an 8 week period to get the full effects of the product.


Is it dangerous, are there side effects?

Relatively unknown. Unfortunately, a lot of this boils down to the fact that High T uses a proprietary blend and without the proper values we are not at liberty to make a proper judgement. That said, a lot of the ingredients in High T don’t contain very ambitious doses so it would be hard to get any side effects from the product, if any effects at all. It’s a seriously disappointing turn out despite the amount of ingredients added into this supplement.

In Short…


  • Requires more than one dose a day. Good for keeping T elevated
  • It does contain some effective ingredients


  • All good ingredients are masked behind a proprietary blend
  • There are a lot more ineffective ingredients in this blend than effective ones
  • Not a lot of good ingredients contain a strong dose to make a real difference

Is there anything better out there?

Unsurprisingly, there is. Not only does this product hide it’s dosages behind proprietary blends, the ones it discloses to us it uses very little of in comparison to some of the more successful testosterone boosters.

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High T Senior + Beta Prostate Review Conclusion

After looking at all of the evidence, what with the use of proprietary blends and under use of good ingredients. I have no choice but to not recommend High T.

I will say, there are some good ingredients in there, but some of the main winning ingredients are masked under the proprietary blend, I don’t know potent their level is, which makes it difficult for me to make an informed decision over whether they are effective enough or not.

High T Senior really didn’t help themselves when it came to winning us over. Perhaps if they alter their formula with more transparency and generosity we can provide a better verdict.

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