Test X180 ALPHA Review

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Our Findings:


Positives Negatives
  • Lots of quality ingredients
  • Should be good for boosting libido
  • Taken more than once a day – good for consistent effects
  • Proprietary blends
  • Seems more libido focused than testosterone boosting
  • Very expensive product

Review Overview

With the constant rising awareness of “low t” in world, more and more supplement manufacturers have come forward to solve the problem by supplying an answer in the form of a testosterone booster.

Force Factor is no different. Having thrown their Test X180 Alpha into the ring at an RRP of $140. This is a difficult price, because if this your first time purchasing a testosterone booster your views on the product can be skeptical. We’re no different, and here at LTT we realize that a lot of the products in this market can be ineffective trash intent on only making profit.

It takes a lot more than aspiring box art to convince us of any effectiveness, and the only way to know for sure it to investigate the ingredients.

It was the GNC reviews that first brought our attention to Test X180 Alpha, as they range quite significantly from 4-5 star reviews to a solid 1 – both occurring on multiple occasions.

We needed to review to know for sure who to believe.

What does Test X180 Alpha do?alpha test

As always, we find the best way to learn a Testosterone Boosters intentions is to take their ‘featuring’ description, and then see how that measures up to what the product actually brings to the table.

So without further a-do, Test X180 Alpha has the power to apparently:

  • Enhance Sexual Performance
  • Strength Blood Flow
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass
  • Maximize Power & Stamina

This is a pretty solid description and seems to cover a lot of the bases. There should be some libido enhancing properties in here, probably some nitric oxide elevators (helps with blood flow) and most importantly something to raise testosterone.

This all begs the question…

How does Test X180 Alpha work?

Unfortunately, like most testosterone boosters on the market, Alpha uses a proprietary blend. We run through the negatives of this in our list of top t-boosters.

It essentially means we are unable to see the dosages of the core ingredients in this product as they have been hidden in some other ‘higher’ ingredient. This is a good way for companies to sneak in cheaper ingredients and save themselves some money by bundling them in with some effective ones.

As we don’t know the dosages of either, it allows the company to dominate the blend with cheaper ingredients and swindle the customer. You’ll see this happen twice in the facts sheet below:testx180alpha

We’ll get to those in a moment. As you can see this product contains a whopping 18 ingredients. The top ones seem to make this more of a glorified vitamin tablet apart from a handful, and note that even then we’re still not getting a lot from many of them.

We’ll concentrate on the ones that matter, then get to the blends.

Vitamin B6 – Known to effect estrogen in the C2 pathways of the body. Vitamin B6 is great for testosterone as when estrogen binds to receptor in the body, B6 controls the metabolism of it and begins to decrease the gene activity of the female hormone. This lowers estrogen levels and allows testosterone levels to raise.

Zinc – Another important component to the testosterone boosting process. Zinc is needed for a process in the brain that releases the luteinzing hormone, which is key to the production of testosterone in the testicles. Occasionally through over supplementing this element, copper levels in the body can decrease, but we can see Alpha has accounted for this by including 1mg of the Cu per serving.

The rest of the ingredients in that top list on the whole apply more to energy levels with things like your VitaminB12. They’re not very effective for boosting T levels.

Now we get to the all-important and deceptive proprietary blends.

Sexual Performance Blend – Actually not that bad of a blend

L-Citrulline – This helps with the blood flow in the body. L-Citrulline turns into L-Arginine in the kidneys, this is used chiefly for the production of nitric oxide in the body – which helps with blood vessel circulation. It can be effective when dealing with erectile dysfunction.

Catuaba Bark Extract – Has been found to protect the nerve cells and the nervous system. It has been claimed to be good for libido, but we couldn’t find any reputable studies to prove this, although the feedback has been mostly postive. Interestingly, it’s usually supplemented as a tea.

Maca Root – As part of the ginseng family, maca is great for producing a high libido. But it doesn’t do much else when looking for a testosterone booster – however this is part of the almighty ‘Sexual Performance Blend’ so we can’t blame them for that.

Damiana Leaf Extract – Taken from the dried leaves of the Turnera Diffusa Plant, damania has been claimed in tribal medicine as an aphrodisiac with energy boosting properties, however, when it comes to boosting testosterone – it falls short. However, there is no concrete tests that prove it’s effectiveness and most trials have been performed on animals.

Muira Puama Root – This root is another traditional medicine when it comes to libido and erectile dysfunction. A report in 1990 showed that it increased libido in 60% of men using it in a trial study.

Free Testosterone Boosting Matrix – A few of these are questionable

Fenugreek – This is more a nitric oxide booster than anything else, good for blood flow. It has been seen to regulate blood sugars which indirectly helps with release of testosterone as insulin resistance can hinder the process of raising T levels.

White Mushroom – Surprisingly, white button mushrooms are greatly effective at decreasing estrogen levels in the body. As an aromatase (estrogen production) inhibitor, this fungus is great at reducing estrogen allowing testosterone levels to rise.

Stinging Nettle – Up to 60% of testosterone in the male body are bound to globulin. This is a sex hormone that traps testosterone and stops it being used directly. Nettle reduces the globulin count and allows for more free testosterone. The beta-sitosterol qualities also decreases estrogen. It’s a fantastic ingredient.

Chrysin – A bioflavanoid which has been seen to boost testosterone in studies. However the only times this has worked has involved the ingredient being directly injected into the testicles, in all other studies it has failed to effect T levels.

DIM – Found in broccoli, kale and things of that nature. Thought to be an aromatase inhibitor, unfortunately this is unproven, but research has been positive – however there is no evidence as of yet.

It’s actually a pretty good ingredient panel. But this product seems to be leaning more towards sex drive than testosterone boosting. The weaker ingredients in the ‘Testosterone Matrix’ may be being overused, there’s no way to know for sure. However that same Matrix makes up only a very small portion of the product in comparison to the Sexual Performance Blend – and may have diminished effects because of this.

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Okay, so how do I take it?

Force Factor recommends taking two pills of Alpha with breakfast and another 2 with lunch. This is a fair dosage, but leaves a lot of time before the following morning dosage after lunch, but that’s us being overwhelmingly critical – it should be fine.

Is it dangerous, are there side effects?

So far using Alpha we have noticed no side effects, but a definite boost in libido. We’ve looked around online and found no reported side effects either. It’s a pretty natural product, there shouldn’t be any problems unless you have any allergies.

Is there anything better out there?

It’s great for libido, but so is viagra. If you really want a full male enhancing experience, we really recommend you have a click around on our site and see what else is up here. We know of some cheaper products that work in both areas – libido and testosterone. We put our favorites in the link below:

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Test X180 Alpha Review Conclusion

After trying Alpha, we see a lot of libido improvements but not a lot in terms of test levels. It’s more a ‘penis pill’ than it is a testosterone booster, kind of like a ‘Viagra with benefits’ supplement. We seriously suggest you look around before you go spending serious cash on this product if you’re looking for a proper T booster.

You’ll find a good few on this site, and since there is far better out there than Test X180 Alpha, we recommend that you don’t buy this product.

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