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  • More than one serving a day
  • Large Proprietary Blend
  • Under used dosages on shown ingredients
  • Unproven Ingredients
  • Highly Priced

Review Overview

We’ve really hit the big leagues in T-Boosting now, as we’re reviewing one of the most expensive products you can find on GNC for Natural Testosterone Boosters: Super T by Performix.image_prodprod2940016_largeImage_X_450_white

We liked the packaging from the beginning, it’s got a real element of class to it. Not that it really matters, but it makes you feel safer with your purchase, believing that you’ve just bought something that could really make the difference.

But does it make the difference?

Great looks are one thing, but being effective is another. You wouldn’t want a Porsche without an engine, would you? (Well, unless it was a bargain and you happened to know a guy who could hook you up with a decent engine.)

All that aside. This product’s expensive – about $150 for 78 capsules. Is it up to snuff?

Let’s find out.

What does SUPER T do?

In a nutshell, the main efforts of SUPER T are aimed at using a “powerful blend of 10 cutting edge ingredients designed to help naturally support healthy testosterone activity levels” which is pretty standard with most of these products.

However, what really intrigued us about SUPER T is that it apparently is contained within some kind of delayed release capsule which helps improve the functionality. We’re not exactly sure how that’s a benefit unless it naturally tops itself up after a serving.

Regardless, and regretfully, the majority of SUPER T’s ingredients fall under a proprietary blend. Which is never a good sign.

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How does SUPER T work?

Unfortunately, by relying heavily on it’s proprietary blend. This is always a cruel trick to play on the consumer as it takes away any information about the dosage of the ingredients in there. It makes it very difficult to tell if the testosterone booster will be effective, dangerous, or just plain terrible.

I think we need to see this in its full glory:

super t

Vitmain D3 – Always a good choice in a testosterone booster. It’s vital to raising our T levels, and we don’t usually get enough of it from the sun, due to modern living indoors. Not only does it improve T-levels it has also been linked to improving mood, which could explain why many of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder in Winter during the lack of sunnlight.

Vitamin B6 – This is a good ingredient for the suppression of estrogen. B6 works with the C2 pathways in the body to track down the female hormone. Once the estrogen has binded to a receptor vitmain B6 starts to decrease it’s gene activity, making it ineffective when it comes to affecting testosterone.

Zinc – Zinc is a great choice. However, there isn’t really a lot of it in SUPER T. Zinc is vital to the testosterone production processes in the brain and is required to release the luteinzing hormone, the key to testosterone and growth hormone’s production in the body.

And now we come to the ‘Performance Matrix’. However, I think the only ‘Performance’ we’ll see is from Performix hiding ineffective and cheap ingredients in massive amounts into this product.

Fenugreek – A regulator of metabolism and blood sugars – this is fantastic when it comes to testosterone has one of the precursors to Low T can be high Insulin levels, which leads to Insulin resistance – one of the downfalls of testosterone. Aside from that angle, Fenugreek is a potent libido enhancer and has been known to regulate the sex hormone globulin. Too much globulin can lead to low testosterone as it binds to around 60% of the free testosterone in men, making it essentially worthless. With regulation, the globulin levels decrease and the free testosterone levels can climb.

Tribulus alatus – A promising aphrodisiac but not proven. Tribulus alatus has been seen to raise libido and free serum testosterone in rats. This does seem promising but it doesn’t always step up for humans. A close relation to Alatus, Tribulus Terrestris showed similar problems and was proven to not alter testosterone, but was shown to raise libido.

Epimedium Brevycornum – A form of horny goat weed, which many of us are familiar with in the testosterone boosting world. This is another ‘hyped’ ingredient that has only been shown to raise testosterone in animals. There has yet to be thorough tests to take place in humans, so the effects here are unknown. As it also falls under a proprietary blend, we have no idea how much there is and what would be enough for it to muster any effects.

Bioperine Black Pepper Extract – This is more a ‘cover all bases’ ingredient used in supplements. Bioperine has been seen to increase the rate of absorption of nutrients into the human body by supposedly increasing the bio-availability.

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Okay, so how do I take it?

SUPER T suggests a maximum of three servings, each consisting of one capsule. They recommend taking a capsule with each of the main meals of the day.

It’s a pretty good way to manage the dosages – it keeps the supply of the product constant and whatever effect it will have on your T levels consistent.

Is it dangerous, are there side effects?

There have been no side effects reported, and to us the product seems completely safe. However, like most of these proprietary blends that doesn’t mean it is effective.

Seeing as two of the main ingredients in this blend are unknown to have any effect on humans – one could speculate that they are rather cheap for a manufacturer to get hold of and consequently use in copious amounts in there products.

With it’s fancy – high class design this product could easily give more impressionable guys looking to raise their T levels some kind of placebo effect, but not actually raise testosterone.

Is there anything better out there?

Indeed there is.

There are far better testosterone boosters on the market that promote:

  1. Overall Testosterone
  2. Fat Loss
  3. Muscle Mass
  4. Sex Drive
  5. Energy
  6. Mood

And all the other added benefits that come with higher testosterone levels – and we’ve narrowed it down to only a few products.

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SUPER T Review Conclusion

It’s not the greatest testosterone booster in the world, but it probably isn’t the worst. It seems like they’ve chosen some of the ingredients for that proprietary blend out of convenience of price.

The ingredients they used before the blend were known to have an effect on human testosterone, as soon as the blend came into the mix they’re reliability dwindled. Which is definitely interesting to note.

In all honesty, there might be some good to this product, but the ambiguity in the ingredients causes us at the office here to doubt it. If you’re serious about boosting your testosterone levels, I suggest you look around our website for something more effective.

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