Reasons For Low Testosterone

The average number of males with low testosterone is rising

Years ago, ‘Low T’ was nowhere near as prevalent as it is nowadays, only recently has this hormonal hazard become the threat it is today.

But what’s causing this epidemic of Low T?

Think of it this way: it’s not just us that are changing, it’s the environment around us. As humanity has grown more technologically advanced, so too has our food, our environment and our lifestyle – These are just some of the reasons making us the type of men we are today.

Our Food


The modern day population cannot be fed on the standard ‘cow in the barn’ scenario our forefathers were so fond of. Due to the growing population, and advancements in science, technology has taken up the slack.

With it, animals are mass produced at incredible volume in a very extreme game of supply and demand. To make the most this meat, many animals are treated with multiple rounds of hormones – which upon ingestion can affect us, leading to an increase in estrogen and Low T.


We’ve all been on a diet before, so we all know Carbohydrates are hard to avoid. However, let me give you extra incentive to dodge those cookies this evening.

More carbohydrates, lead to more insulin.

Raised insulin levels are bad news and interfere with the central hormone pathways in the body – and it can lead to putting a plug in your testosterone production.  If this has happened to you, it can take up to a year of a low carb diet to right the wrongs your greed has provided.

Our Environment

The Air

Thanks to the industrial revolution, there are multiple man-made chemical that inhibit our atmosphere. Unfortunately for us, many of them present with estrogen properties. Chemicals like BPA and phthalates have been known to interfere with the Endocrine System the hub for arranging the production of testosterone. A good way to combat these Xenoestrogens would be to eat organic food.

The Water

Advances in medical science are to blame here. Synthetic estrogen present in female pharmaceuticals have been reported in water supplies. The effects of this has been catastrophic with the results seen such as gender reversal in fish. Filtered water is the best way to avoid putting yourself at risk.

Our Lifestyle


I’ve got bad news if you like beer. The hops used to make it have various estrogen like properties, in fact those that indulge in moderate alcohol usage have been found to lower their T level by up to 7%! Unfortunately this gives you a rather uneasy choice: Go light in the bar, or go light in your… moving on.


We all feel it. Even your cortisol levels – and that is not good. Unhappy cortisol results in a suppressed central hormone pathway. This results in Low T and even higher pressure. Stress can be reduced by healthy diet, exercise and generally taking it easy for a few weeks.

Change Your Ways

Just because you’re low now doesn’t mean you can’t get back up there later. There are treatments and solutions to these problems and we are here to help. Click on our top 3 Testosterone Supplements for the most natural way to raise your T levels without the risk.