Natural Testosterone Booster Side Effects

When using testosterone boosters it’s always wise to take the right precautions. Make sure you’re using a well-known and respected brand with proven ingredients – this is most commonly these kind of ingredients.

However, even if you have an effective testosterone booster you could notice a few unintended changes in your body. This is highly unlikely in good quality natural testosterone boosters, however, in theory, side effects are possible. And in this article we will give you a run down of some of the possible natural testosterone booster side effects you could experience when taking one of these products.

Natural T-Booster Side Effects

From a biological standpoint

Acne – Acne is a very minor possibility when taking a testosterone booster, partially due to how it interacts with your hormones and how that in turn effects certain parts of your body. Most Testosterone boosters raise DHT levels, which is a more complicated and far more potent type of testosterone the body produces. It is considered the King of Testosterone due to it’s strength, however, it does produce more oil in the skin, and without regular washing, can lead to spots and acne.

Mild Ache in the Testes – A very manageable ache can sometimes manifest in the testicles after the intake of T-Boosters. This is due to the increase of testosterone in the body producing more sperm in the testes. The body may need time to adjust to the growth, but quite honestly we see this as a positive – it shows that they are working and you are well on your way to getting back to your ideal T level.

Raised Estrogen – This more common in Testosterone Boosters that lack estrogen suppressing ingredients, so be sure to look out for things that contain Zinc, Oyster Extract and Luteolin. This rise in estrogen is down to the aromatase enzyme in the body which converts testosterone into estrogen, the extra levels of test lead to extra levels in estrogen.

Raised Aggression – As we all know Testosterone has been linked to aggression in males, and in our primal years was the key to survival. This is particularly most common in men who already have high testosterone. If you already have high testosterone levels and are taking a T-Booster (most likely for sport) be wary that these products may cause you to be more aggressive and likely to experience mood swings.

Long Term Use & Kidney Damage – Reports in Europe have seen Testosterone Booster used by individuals for years on end to experience damage to their kidneys. We advise to cycle off Testosterone Boosters for a least a week or two once a year.

We called this sub-section from a biological standpoint, as those are the only side effects that we know are set in stone and have been proven to happen in very rare cases. Other side effects have been reported but have never been fully proven.

Reported Side Effects

  • Mild Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

Natural Testosterone Booster Side Effects Conclusion

Don’t be discouraged after reading this list. We strongly believe testosterone booster benefits greatly outweigh the potential negatives. Just be wary about your chosen product before you buy it, and always do your research into the ingredients.

We only recommend the safest and most effective Testosterone Boosters on the market, and heavily criticize those that don’t meet that criteria. Happy boosting!

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