How do you know if your testosterone is low?

It’s a very good question.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have direct access to blood tests, or the courage to march into a Doctor’s office and demand to know if our ‘man-levels’ have began to drop.

But we shouldn’t be embarrassed.

Like it says at the front of our website, from age 30 and onwards, testosterone levels drop. It’s just a sign of life. Some more quickly than others, but it is just a natural process.

Upset-Business-Man-by-nuttakit-at-FreeDigitalPhotosnet1Well, how do I know if my T levels are low?

If you haven’t been tested but suspect that your testosterone levels have dropped, there are a multitude of symptoms that you can check for.

Low Testosterone is associated more often with the older man than the younger, however Low T can strike at both age groups. The important thing is to get confirmation and then to think about treatment.

It may also be worth checking into your lifestyle and seeing if that maybe causing any of your problems. Simple things like diet and exercise can really make a difference when looking to boost those T levels.

You’ll know if you have low T if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms:

  • Loss of libido/low sex drive
  • Bouts of Depression
  • Mood Swings
  • Loss of Energy
  • Erectile Dysfunction not responding to medcation
  • Weaker bone density/Osteoporosis

These are all factors that can be caused by low testosterone it really does a lot for our bodies.

Okay, so what are my choices?

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, the are two main options after changes in lifestyle to promote testosterone in low T men. These are either:

1. Methods of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This is usually a process that involves injecting testosterone into the body to compensate for what it can’t produce. However, these are known to be risky treatments as introducing this hormone into the body can cause the testicles to stop producing testosterone entirely. This may lead to permanent hormonal therapy, and may also cause problems with the prostate.

2. Natural Testosterone Boosters

This is the alternative that we find most comforting. Natural Testosterone Boosters are supplements made up of safe and natural products that are designed to encourage the body to promote testosterone. As the hormone is not physically added to the body, there is no risk to shutting down any testosterone production and can take the body back up to it’s optimum T levels.

How will I know if they work?

We use these boosters ourselves and highly recommend you try them if you are suffering from the effects of low T.

Some of the benefits we’ve experienced have been:PrimeMale

  • Increases in Energy
  • Raised Libido and enhanced sex drive
  • Increase in muscle tone
  • Decrease in abdominal fat
  • Improved mood
  • More stable erections

It’s actually one of the main reasons we started this site, to spread the word about testosterone boosters and the effects they can have on your everyday life.

However, if you are interested in natural testosterone boosters, we strongly suggest you do your research. Not all T-boosters will give you the results that they claim, this is in part due to poor choices of ingredients which can sometimes lead to side effects.

To combat this problem, we’ve designed a list of what we think are the best testosterone boosting agents on the market that every booster should incorporate into their recipe. You can see it all in the link below:

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What they very loud link claims is true, each one of our chosen ingredients is followed by studies verifying their effectiveness.

Not only that but we select the best boosters to go on our coveted Top Testosterone Boosters page. These have been known to change from time to time, so rather than reveal any information we’d rather you just check it out for yourself.

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If you feel your T-levels are low and you have been suffering from the above symptoms, before you rush into doing anything drastic or permanent like TRT, we strongly suggest you explore the benefits of Testosterone Boosters, supplements which encourage your body to produce T naturally – it’s been working for us and we couldn’t be happier. It actually led us to creating this website.

However, if you are considering T-boosters be sure to do all your research and check out the links above to find out which testosterone booster is right for you.