Cybergenics ISO-TEST Pro-Testosterone Booster Review

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  • Contains Nettle Root
  • Poor Servings
  • Ineffective Ingredients
  • Missing Core Nutrients

Review Overview – What does Cybergenics ISO-TEST do?

cybergenics-iso-test-reviewFrom Cybergenics comes ISO-TEST Pro-Testosterone Booster, a supplement claimed to help:

  • Boost Sex Drive
  • Promote Mood
  • Increase Energy and Stamina

But does it really?

We’ve taken a closer look at the science behind this supplement, and we’re quite surprised at the results.

This is what our review found:

How are the Servings?


With only one serving a day, this is not the best method for boosting testosterone.

For the best effects, you need around 3 to 4 servings a day. This is because testosterone needs constant support to rise.

With only one serving every 24 hours, it’s easy for your testosterone levels to dip back to their baseline.

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What about the ingredients in Cybergenics ISO-TEST?


The seems to be only one real effective ingredient in ISO-TEST. And given that it has a limited nutrient profile already, this is not a good sign.

Here’s what we found:iso-test-ingredients

Tribulus Terrestris

Once thought to be an effective testosterone booster, this has been turned out to not be the case.

Thorough studies have shown that supplementing this nutrient unfortunately doesn’t raise testosterone levels, however it may have a mild effect on libido.

Eurycoma Longifolio

This nutrient is in the same boat. Appeared to boost testosterone levels, but later studies proved otherwise.

It may help with libido.

Nettle Root Extract

A promoter of free testosterone.

Known to inhibits protein sex hormone binding globulin, this nutrient reduces the amount of testosterone that binds to the protein.

This stops more testosterone losing its anabolic potency, and allows more to freely circulate your blood stream.


This nutrient has been seen to post testosterone, however, only in certain conditions.

Chrysin has only worked in studies where it is injected directly into the subjects testes. All other studies, including oral supplementation, have failed.


Essentially black pepper. It promotes absorption to ensure your body gets the most out of this supplement.cybergenics-iso-test-main-image

On the whole, this is a poor testosterone booster. The only effective ingredient here is the nettle root, and that won’t product testosterone, it will only promote free testosterone that is already in your system.

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Side Effects

No side effects have been reported with Cybergenics ISO-TEST.

Is there anything better out there?


We’ve looked closely at a lot of testosterone boosters on the market, and made a shortlist of those that:

  • Promote Testosterone
  • Increase Free Testosterone
  • Enhance Sex Drive
  • Boost Mood
  • Improve Muscle Mass and Cut Fat

It was a hard job, but we finally found the ones we believe have the best servings and ingredients out there.

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Cybergenics ISO-TEST Review Conclusion

As you can see, this is by far, not the best testosterone booster out there.

From this review, this is what you need to know about ISO-TEST:

  • Poor Servings – Only one dose a day
  • Ineffective Ingredients – Using a lot of ‘de-bunked’ nutrients
  • Missing Core Nutrients – Vitamin D3, D-Aspartic Acid or Zinc would’ve been great additions.

To see what we think is the most effective T-booster is, check below to see our current number one it is the most effective, and safest natural testosterone booster we’ve come across. You can read our full review below:

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